The Trouble with Trollclaw Ford

Session 1. The Trouble with Trollclaw Ford

In which an unlikely party take the wrong road

An unlikely group of companions met for the first time on the Boareskyr Bridge. They were contracted or lead there by various sources in Baldur’s Gate, Elturgard and elsewhere. There mission was simple make it to Triel as soon as possible to meet a convoy heading to Baldur’s Gate. The job was first come, first serve so they had to be there as soon as possible.
And then things went wrong. Not only did they go the wrong way, the may have gone to the wrong time. Travelling south and west they come upon the doomed town of Trollclaw Ford. A small stone inn sits along the banks. Entering the tavern they are propositioned by the bartender, dressed in long outdated clothing , to clear a nearby cave of kobolds.
The money is good, better than what they would have received from the convoy job so they agree.
In the morning they head out to location of the cave only to find it long abandoned and covered over with shrubby growth. The shrubby growth is actually twig blights waiting to attack unweary prey, but the groups sharp eyed ranger notices this before it’s too late. Weapons draw and spells slung the group quickly dispatches the blight.
Entering the cave they find it long abandoned, a cluster of kobold skeletons and some rotting leather sacks are all that remains. Several party members reach out to grab the leather sacks, as all adventures do and were attacked by the kobold skeletons. Another fight broke out, this times the skeletons got off several powerful hits before being dispatched.
Bloodied and confused the party returns to Trollclaw Ford only to discover it looks nothing like it did when they set off. They do spot a thin line of smoking coming from a ruined building and approach with caution.
Inside the building is a dwarf slowly going about rebuilding a wall and drinking heavily. The group confronts him with suspicion but the dwarf shrugs it off and offers up strong drink and a warm welcome. He introduces himself as Father Den, a cleric who has tasked himself with protecting and rebuilding Trollclaw Ford. He offers the group of proposition, offering them partnership in the town in exchange for their help. Trollclaw ford would not only give them a base of operations to adventure in the surrounding countryside but if they could build it back up it would supply a separate source of revenue.
Before the group can agree they hear the horrible howl of a death dog outside. Running to meet the danger the group manages to swiftly defeat the foe. After some reluctance the group agrees to father dens proposal and the new founding of Trollclaw Forge begins.



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